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Taylor Peters

Hockey School

The Taylor Peters Hockey School uses passion and experience to inspire the next generation of hockey players.  Our mission is to give all players, of any ability or age, the opportunity to achieve their full potential. 

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TPHS creator, Taylor Peters, brings his combination of professional hockey experience and detail-oriented passion to train in an innovative and effective way. 

Since opening in May of 2016, TPHS has provided thousands of lessons to players from all over the Pacific North West.

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”As an older player (50+) and having played around in the lower level leagues I was doing fine.  Then my skate broke and I was having a terrible time doing the basics with new skates.  Having noticed Taylor working with players on the ice I asked him for help.  After a few short lessons, it became apparent that I really didn’t know how to use the skate as a toll at all!  Now when I go to the rink I always have 5 things to work on, and 5 more things I don’t have the time to get to.  It has been tremendously helpful.  Public skate and stick tie are full of purpose and hockey is much more fun and rewarding.  My only regret now is that I hadn’t started working with Taylor earlier.”   

Glen O. - Adult League Player

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20407 SW Borchers Drive, Sherwood, Oregon

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