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Program Director

Taylor Peters

.Growing up in Canada, I have been surrounded by hockey my whole life.  At fifteen, I was drafted by the Portland Winterhawks, where I would end up playing five seasons and over 300 games.  During my WHL career, I was awarded the Academic Player of the Year award three times, a commendation for players who excel in their studies, as well as on the ice.  It''s this inclination for learning that leads me toward detail-specific skills and skating work.  No stride or shot or playing style is the same and requires adaptive instruction to truly develop.  

With my focus now on developing the next group of elite level players, I want to offer my knowledge and experience in skills and skating instruction to players of all levels.  This mission led me to create the Taylor Peters Hockey School, a company whose sole purpose is to train and develop hockey talent in the Pacific Northwest. 

Since starting in May 2016, TPHS has grown to over 500 clients.  Our players span all ages and ability levels.  From NHL players to mini-mites.   Thanks to years of playing experience and thousands of hours spent coaching, everyone leaves the ice better than they were when they stepped on.


After thousands of hours of coaching with every type of player imaginable, constantly updating and refining my coaching style along the way, I've found the most effective way to get results quickly.  With CASTLE progressions, we give players the most efficient path to develop new skills, but also learn how to install them into their own games.



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