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Grab-And-Go Lessons w/ TPHS

Hey Everyone,

As many of you know, most of our TPHS slots we're used to pave the way for Pacific Edge's continued growth. While I am enormously proud of the progress and improvements we have made - it is frustrating to have such little availability.

To address this, I'm launching Grab-And-Golessons with the goal being to provide individualized lesson plans for players that are interested in optimizing the training they do on their own time, whether that is at a sticktime, public skate, or at home. This will allow players to work through exercises at their own speed while figuring out the details and solving the trickier portions on their own.

While it is a far cry from having a live instructor, the self-driven practice encourages players to take accountability for their development. For feedback, I'll be encouraging players to take video of themselves performing the exercises - specifically any drills that are particularly difficult. That way, on top of the increasingly difficult progression of exercises, players will also have personalized feedback added to their current and future practice plans that they can use for future repetitions of their practice plan.

How does it work? When you purchase a lesson, I'll reach out to you via email regarding the type of lesson you are looking for. Ideally, these would all be in the same learning environment. I'll construct your first lesson plan and send it your way. Once I've received any videos/feedback regarding the practice, I'll send the second one (and so on depending on your purchase).


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